You have decided to rent a car for your next vacation? It’s a great solution! You will be able to choose a vehicle that you like and that meets very precisely your criteria. And you can travel safely: the rental cars are new and offer the latest equipment in terms of comfort and handling. But it is not always easy to see clearly all the offers that are found and your budget is not unlimited! Here are some tips to follow to make the right choice.

How to choose your rental car for the holidays?

Take the time to properly assess your needs:

How many will you be ? Number of passengers during the trip but also during the holidays
How many suitcases will you take away? Will you have material to transport?
How many kilometers will you make? (Go to Google map or Mappy to evaluate these km)
On site, will you have a parking? How big will it be?
Remember: it is by asking the right questions that you will better define the type of vehicle you need.

Choose your car category according to your needs:

You will not have the same needs if you go to 2 or with children, even if you are only 2 hours away from your vacation spot or if you have to cross France! Between a city car, a sedan or a minivan, you need to choose the car best suited to your project!

Then compare the prices by following these 3 rules:

Base on equivalent vehicles
Select the same equipment (GPS, air conditioning, child seat etc),
the same contract options (limited or unlimited mileage, insurance extensions etc.)
the same rental dates
Warning: Do not rely on the rate per day, it is a call price that can easily double once you have added all the options you want! Also note that during holidays, prices are generally higher.

Where to rent a car for holidays?

You have the choice between major international networks, local rental agencies and car manufacturers, advantages and disadvantages:

Major retailers (Hertz, Sixt, Avis)

Present in airports all over the world.
To favor for a trip abroad.
Warning: Rates can go up during holidays.

Local agencies (Mauritius Car Hire):

Attractive rates and a close customer relationship.
Obligation to withdraw and return the vehicle in the same agency.
Attention: these agencies have more traditional opening hours, make arrangements to return the vehicle on time!
An offer well suited to vacation rentals or weekends
Stable rates regardless of the time of year.
The guarantee of having the exact vehicle you have booked.
Attention: car manufacturers also have shorter opening hours.

Our advice: Book directly on the websites of the renters! You can compare prices more easily, check the availability of cars and benefit from a discount of at least 5% on the overall price of your rental! Do not forget to check the cancellation conditions which are often paid on the internet.

Are you ready to rent a car to go on holiday? You already imagine yourself on the road, counting the kilometers that separate you from your destination … But before booking your vehicle, take note of these few tips, synonymous with economy and peace of mind!

Tip 1: Collect the required documents before going to the agency

First of all, to be able to rent a car for the holidays, you will need to provide some documents such as:

  • your ID
  • driving licenses (yours and the driver’s license if you take this option)
  • a recent proof of address
  • the credit card used to pay online (if you booked through the internet)
  • Your passport if you are a non-citizen
    Good To know: you must be at least 21 years old and holding a driving license for 12 months (often even for more than 24 months) to be able to rent a vehicle.

Please note: Your credit card must have a balance of at least the amount of the deposit. If necessary, do not hesitate to ask your bank to adapt the ceiling on the use of your credit card so as not to be blocked for your subsequent holiday expenses.

 Tip 2: Choose your credit card carefully

Most rental companies will charge you with your credit card. Take the opportunity to check that you do not already have some insurance included in your credit card contract to avoid having to pay twice for the same service!

if you have a Gold, Premium or Platinum credit card: use it to pay for the rental, declaring the owner of the card as the main driver. This type of card offers a really interesting insurance cover that limits the financial risks for you in case of accident or scratches and saves you from having to purchase additional insurance options!

Tip 3: Find the proper insurances for your holiday car rental

The basic lease agreements allow you, of course, to be covered for the main risks such as:

  • Theft insurance
  • Insurance against damage
  • Insurance for persons transported
  • But beyond these insurances included, the renters will offer several extensions of guarantees … and it is not always easy to distinguish the usefulness of the superfluous.

Tip 4: Take the time to take stock of the vehicle at departure

The rental company is obliged to mention the condition of the vehicle in the rental contract, take the time to read it in detail!

check the mileage: does it correspond to what is mentioned in the inventory?
is the fuel full? If not, check that the level of the gauge is well specified.
go around the vehicle and check that all visible damage, scratches, bumps etc are well mentioned in the inventory. Do not forget to check the condition of the rims
try the wipers, turn signals, before leaving, to check that they work properly.
NB: if these elements are not specified in the inventory, the rental company can hold you responsible for this damage and charge you.

Good idea: Feel free to take pictures or short videos of the vehicle.

Tip 5: Take into account the entire rental budget of a holiday car

The prices posted for car rental are basic rates. If you wish to add certain services, you may incur additional costs, for example:

  • complementary equipment: child seat, snow tires, roof bar, GPS …
  • Warranty extensions: As we have seen above, you can subscribe to certain warranty extensions, but beware of the extra cost!
  • additional driver option: some renters will charge you an extra fee if you decide to add an extra driver to rent your vehicle.

Our advice: By renting on the internet, you will benefit from cheaper rates than in the agency, however please consult the cancellation conditions and associated fees. An experienced vacationer is worth two!

To rent with confidence the car you need to take the road of your holidays, contact Mauritius Car Hire and benefit from the experience and know-how of a renowned dealer!

It’s hard to know what to look for before signing a car rental contract … Are you afraid of forgetting something, of not understanding everything, of not being well covered? Follow the guide and take the road with confidence!

Which mentions must appear in your car rental contract?

The car rental contract

It is a contractual document that defines the general conditions, the duration and the cost of the lease. It is written in 2 copies: 1 for the rental company and the other for you, to keep preciously!

First, take the time to carefully read your car rental contract. The following information must appear on this document:

  • the name of the rental company and its address.
  • your name, surname, place and date of birth, your address and your driver’s license number.
  • the make, type, registration number and mileage displayed on the rented vehicle’s meter.
  • the date, place and time of the provision and return of the vehicle.
  • all the elements making up the total price of the rental of your car: basic price, options, insurance, guarantee, franchise …

The inventory of the vehicle

The inventory can be included in your rental agreement. This document must be signed by the rental company and by you and report all visible defects of the car you are going to rent: scratches on the bodywork, impacts, damaged items … It must also specify the mileage on the meter and the level from the fuel tank to the start!

General rental conditions

They are usually the subject of a separate document. They must specify the rights and obligations of both parties: your responsibility in case of disaster, the guarantees and insurances included and options, exclusions etc.

Insurance included in a car rental agreement

As with your own car, the insurance included in your rental agreement covers you in the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle. But beware, it only concerns these points in particular …

Compulsory insurance

The price of a car rental always includes third-party liability: this insurance covers material damage and bodily damage you could cause to third parties.
Damages incurred by the vehicle during the rental will be your responsibility within the limit of the deductible set in the contract, except of course if they were caused by a third party.

Supplementary insurances

Bills in addition to the base rate, they are often offered by rental companies. They can cover theft and vandalism, damage to personal belongings of passengers, lump sum compensation in case of bodily injury … The extension of warranty damage you will avoid for example to pay the costs inherent in the scratches that you can cause on the vehicle.

Insurance exclusions

Before signing, take the time to ask questions to your lessor (or read carefully the exclusion cases in the TOS) to know exactly what do not understand insurance. The exclusion cases are numerous and concern most of the time the accidents without third identified, the damage caused by a bad use of the vehicle, the non cover in case of theft if you did not make complaint, the driving by a driver not registered in the contract.

What do CDW, PAI mean?

The CDW warranty for Collision Damage Waiver allows you to reduce the amount of the deductible. This option usually costs 15 to 25 euros per rental day depending on the type of vehicle.

Our advice: it is an excellent solution to reduce your liability for damage to the vehicle. But if you have a “prestige” bank card, you may already be covered without knowing it.

The Personal Accident and Baggage Insurance PAI guarantee guarantees the bodily injury of the driver and his passengers. It will cost you about 5 euros a day if you subscribe to this option.

Franchise, how does it work?

The deductible is the part of the damage that is not covered by the insurance if you are responsible for a claim. You will therefore pay this amount, in whole or in part, to the rental company in the event of a claim. For information, in case of damage, the deductible is between 700 and 3,000 euros. In case of theft, between 3,000 and 10,000 euros. These amounts vary according to the type of vehicle.

As mentioned above to reduce this deductible amount, you can take out the CDW (franchise buyback) guarantee to pay your rental with a prestige bank card.

And to rent peacefully, contact Mauritius Car Hire and take the road of your desires! Discover our range of vehicles for hire and let yourself be guided by our team of specialists.

Did you know that with your credit card, you can benefit from certain insurance services for a car rental? This can be very interesting if you need to rent a car. But it is still necessary to know exactly what these insurance cover and which bank cards offer the best services …

2 types of bank cards: “classic” and “prestige”?

First point to know: bank cards called “classic” at Visa, Mastercard or American Express offer few benefits. On the other hand, if you have a “Prestige”, Premier, Gold or Platinum card, which is becoming more and more common, your contract includes insurance for renting a vehicle. Then, the more the model of your card is upscale, the better you are covered!

Which car rental insurance according to your credit card?

The major advantage of the insurance included with your credit card is the purchase of a franchise. But to be fully informed, we advise you to read carefully your contract and not hesitate to consult the website of your credit card to learn more. In the meantime, here’s what you need to know:

With Visa Premier and Platinum, Mastercard Gold and Platinum, car rental insurance includes:
damage up to the limit of the deductible or repairs up to 50,000 euros and for a maximum duration of 31 days rental.
Note: some high-end vehicles are excluded from these insurances. The name (s) of the drivers must be specified on the rental agreement. The insurance is effective within the limit of 2 claims per calendar year.

For the Mastercard Gold Card: obligation to book and pay for the rental of the car with the card.
The plus of the MasterCard Platinum card: the amount of damage covered, up to the limit of the deductible or repairs, amount to 100,000 euros.

  • With American Express Gold and Platinum cards, car rental insurance includes:
    damage up to the limit of the deductible or repairs up to 75,000 euros from the moment you are more than 100 kilometers from your home.
  • up to 3 claims per 365-day period.
  • Plus American Express Platinum Card: All damage to the vehicle is covered up to the limit of its price and for a rental period not exceeding 120 consecutive days.

Other benefits of bank cards

Beyond these assets related to car rental, you must also know that

  • the insurance included with your credit card will benefit all your family
  • they will save you from paying a cancellation insurance if you go on a trip for example.

Their cost? It varies depending on your bank, your situation, but in general, count 150 euros per year for any prestige bank card. An amount that you do not hesitate to negotiate down with your advisor and can quickly pay for all services offered!

Damages on the car you rented, scratches on the vehicle, what are the direct consequences on your wallet? Can the rental agency retain the entire deposit? Will you have additional fees to pay? A quick tour of the question in a few essential points.

1) Stripes on a rental car: before or after the departure of the agency

Case #1: you notice scratches on the vehicle when it is taken in hand

Any scratches must be mentioned on the contract before leaving the agency, at the risk of bearing the responsibility at the time of the return.

– The day of the withdrawal be vigilant, scan the slightest trace on the body of the car, made the turn and observe it as scrupulously as if you intended to buy it!

– Take the time to take some pictures of the outside parts of the car without forgetting the rims!

Case #2: the bodywork was scratched during the rental

Be aware that damage to the vehicle during the rental is your responsibility.

– If you had a collision with another vehicle, be careful, write down the accident report carefully. It is the insurance of the responsible driver that will pay the repair costs.

– If no third party is identified: you will be held responsible for the scratches and their repair. You will then be required to pay the repair costs up to the amount of the deductible. If the repair costs are higher than the deductible, the insurance will cover the difference.


 2) The different types of scratches on a rental car

Case #1: “I slightly scratched the vehicle”.

In this case, if the repair costs are less than the amount of the deductible, it will be up to you to honor them.

Case # 2: “I made significant scratches on the rental car”.

In this case, if the repair costs are higher than the deductible amount: you will have to pay the total amount of the deductible. The damage allowance is usually between € 700 and € 3,000 depending on the type of vehicle. Beyond this amount, the insurer will take over.

Case #3: “I damaged the underbody or roof of the vehicle”.

These parts of the vehicle are excluded from the insurance included in the rental. The deductible will not apply and you will have to pay for the full repairs.

Case #4: “I damaged the bodywork of a utility”.

In the case of a utility, the logic remains the same except for one case. Indeed, if you have scratched the upper part of the vehicle, above the windshield and / or on the roof, the agency may charge you additional fees that may be added to the non-return of the deposit.


3) How much will the deposit be debited?

Theoretically, and unless your contract has specific clauses, the rental agency will charge you the repairs and will return your deposit once they are paid.

However, be careful, the agency must provide you with quotes for repairs. If you think that the bill is abusive, you have the possibility to call an expert.

4) Stripes on a rental car: what insurance to take to avoid unpleasant surprises?

Extended warranty damage: it offers you an optimal guarantee in case of damage on the vehicle, especially on the bodywork. It covers, among other things, the damage done under the body of the car or on the roof.
Collision insurance: it covers all the damage committed on the vehicle except those caused on the top or the bottom of the vehicle.

Franchise Redemption: This additional insurance allows you to reduce the amount of the deductible remaining at your expense in case of damage to the vehicle, including scratches. This additional insurance is billed by the renter in the form of an additional sum on the rental price (for example 7 euros per day and more on the rental price).
Payment by Prestige credit card: some prestigious cards such as Visa Premier, Gold or American Express bear the franchise redemption fee.

Our advice: If you pay for the car rental with a “Prestige” credit card (Gold, Premier, American Express …) it will be useless to take out additional insurance offered by your renter! Ask your bank about the warranty conditions it offers. Attention, the number of claims supported is limited to 2 per calendar year for a Visa Premier for example!

Voted car of the year 2017 in early March in Geneva by a jury composed of 58 journalists from all over Europe, the new Peugeot 3008 seduces with its design, its style and its benefits. This is the first SUV to win this prestigious award! And you will quickly understand why this is the ideal car to go on a weekend with friends or family holidays. Boarding aboard the Peugeot 3008 SUV …

Rent the new 3008: Optimum security

The Peugeot 3008 offers all the comfort of an SUV thanks to its increased ground clearance and its driving position in height. But it also gathers all the benefits to guarantee you an increased security and to leave with family or between friends the serene spirit!

Keep the right distance: the adaptive cruise control with stop function detects the car in front of you and automatically maintains the safety distance by intervening on the brakes or the accelerator. Very useful for long trips on the highway!
Reduce the risk of collision: the Active Safety Brake technology is based on a system that replaces the driver if there is no braking or insufficient braking. It thus makes it possible to avoid most collisions or to reduce the consequences by reducing the speed of impact.

Stay agile: the Advanced Grip Control allows the Peugeot 3008 SUV to instantly adapt its grip mode according to the conditions encountered: mud, sand etc. And if you feel like trudging during your vacation, you can count on the Hill Assist Descent Control that will automatically regulate the speed of your vehicle according to the inclination of the slope. What to amaze your passengers!

Discover the rental vehicles PEUGEOT RENT Competitive and fixed prices all year round!

Rent the new Peugeot 3008: A concentrate of innovationsToday, most of the latest models of cars are equipped with new technologies, but the Peugeot 3008 SUV is a concentrate of innovations for driving that rhymes with pleasure!

Enjoy on-board connectivity: whether 3D navigation to better understand the road or the Mirror Screen function to charge your smartphone by induction, you can stay connected at all times and travel with confidence.
Park in a handkerchief: with the VisioPark 2 system, you get a 360 ° image reconstructed in real time at each of your maneuvers to visualize the surrounding obstacles. You will become the king of the niche!
Load your trunk without hands: a simple foot gesture under the rear bumper allows you to activate the hands-free lift function, your trunk opens and closes by itself. Convenient when you are loaded at the start as on arrival!
Live a sensory experience: imagine a conductor who plays a symphony where the lighting of the cockpit and the musical atmosphere adapt according to your desires, and which diffuses up to 3 fragrances with the choice so that you can benefit from the road in the best conditions … Welcome to the I-Cockpit Amplify, the road of your holidays will become a real sensory experience!

Rent the new Peugeot 3008 SUV: design and beautiful material

As elegant outside as inside, you will appreciate the unique design of the Peugeot 3008 SUV!

A harmonious line: its grille gives an impression of robustness completed by a ribbed hood that accentuates the dynamism of its line. Each element of the Peugeot 3008 SUV participates in its assertive personality.
A style in every detail: every detail has been the subject of the greatest care, you will discover in the Peugeot 3008 contemporary materials, notes of chrome and leather that give it an elegance like no other …


Before driving on your rental car, check its general condition. Do you plan to go on a weekend break for a few days or weeks? You will travel many kilometers with a car that is not yours and it will make in perfect condition. For all these reasons, but also to avoid any dispute at the time of return of the vehicle, take the time to check these 7 points of inventory before leaving!

7 things to check on a rental car:

1) Checking the condition of the tires is essential. Remember to check that they are not damaged or underinflated. Make sure there is a spare wheel or a repair kit.

2) Windshields, side windows and rear window should also be observed with care. Make sure they have no splinters or cracks. Otherwise, report it on the vehicle status card.

3) Observe the general exterior condition of the vehicle, concentrating on any scratches, bumps or cracks in the bodywork.

4) Once installed inside the vehicle, check the mileage and fuel gauge. Indeed, it must indicate that the full was done, if it is not the case, ask the lessor to stipulate it in the contract! Same for kilometric data. They must correspond to those noted in the contract.

5) Also take the time to make all the installation adjustments: adjust all mirrors and seat to your height.

6) The mandatory equipment must be included in the rental and present in the vehicle. Check that the spare wheel, the safety vest and the warning triangle are there.

7) And of course, check the general state of cleanliness inside the car and tell the renter any stains on the chairs that you could observe.

How to keep s proof of the condition of your rental car?

Our advice: do not hesitate to take photos or short videos with your mobile by touring the vehicle at the time of the inventory of departure.

Once the inventory is done, all you have to do is take the road and make a good trip!

For more information on car handling and usage checks, do not hesitate to contact your car rental agency.

International travel requires much more planning than domestic travel when it comes to certain travel decisions. Renting a car is one of those decisions. Many destinations have great public transport and will fit your needs. However, public transport in Mauritius  doesn’t go everywhere or allow you to have the control over your itinerary as easily. But renting a car in Mauritius may mean high gas prices and driving on the left side of the road rather than the right.

When you rent a car in your country, the process will be much more simpler and not too much planning is required. Renting a car in Mauritius is different, not only because of language barriers, but the need to be aware of the completely different rules of the road. This is especially true if you are visiting a place you have never been before.

Look at your itinerary carefully, weigh the pros and cons, and then read some of the tips below if you plan on getting a rental car.

Research and Plan Ahead

1. The time to decide whether you’ll need a car on your trip abroad is before you go, not after you get there. You can make arrangements for a car through a travel agent or you can work directly with car rental companies that operate worldwide. Be sure to book beforehand the fee is set and can’t rise because of exchange rate changes.

2. If you’re planning to drive extra miles, a rental company will charge you extra for the privilege. The additional charges can vary greatly so shop around for the best rental car rate for this.

Prepare for International Driving

3. Get an international driver’s license. There is a fee involved, as well as an expiration date. Be sure to bring along any paperwork such as your insurance information.

4. Know your car insurance options. Look at your insurance policy, and find out if it covers an international car rental. Knowing this ahead of time, decide whether to accept or decline the coverage the car rental company offers you. Even if you have your own car insurance, consider accepting the additional insurance if it offers additional coverage as you may be driving on the other side of the road, with unfamiliar traffic laws, and around other drivers that drive “differently” than you’re used to.

5. Many cars in other countries come standard, which means a manual transmission with a stick shift and no air conditioning. If you want an automatic transmission, air conditioning, or any other luxuries, you will be charged extra. Take into account the number and size of your suitcases and determine the size of the car you need based on trunk space. Make sure you’re specific as to what you want so there are no mistakes when you show up at your destination to pick up your car.

If you choose to get a car rental for your international vacation, make some arrangements ahead of time, and reserve one in advance of your trip. Determine where you will be driving and what extras you want. Finally, get an international driver’s license and make sure you’re fully covered.

As a renter of a vehicle, you may be confronted with problems with your rental car: in case of necessary repair, accident, theft, ticket or delay on the day of return. That’s why it’s important for you to know your rights, the laws and the practices that govern car rental. Here are our tips for responding well in these situations.

Your rights in case of a problem with a rental car

1) Unavailability of the reserved vehicle model
It may happen, when removing a vehicle from the rental agency that the reserved model is no longer available. What options are available to you?

You can request a higher class vehicle at the same price.
You can also accept a model of lower range, the renter will then be required to review the rental rate down.
And if it does not suit you, you can cancel the contract or ask for compensation.
Tip: In all cases, ask the lessor to notify the changes in the lease.

 2) Delay in the return of the rental car
Beyond the fact that the vehicle must be returned with the full fuel tank and mileage corresponding to the terms of the contract, under penalty of paying a surcharge, you must also submit to the date and time of return provided for in time of rental. You have a passing tolerance of 59 minutes usually. Any late delay will be subject to an additional billing day.

 Tip: We invite you to bring the vehicle back to the opening hours of the agency. If this is not possible, be sure to park the car at the location indicated by the agency and to take pictures to have tangible evidence in case of a dispute related to the condition of the vehicle.

 3) Breakdown of the rental car
Although the renter is obliged to provide you with a car in good working order, a breakdown is still possible. In this case, you must use the assistance services of the rental company. Please note that your renter will have to cover the costs related to the immobilization. Any expenses incurred by you, such as accommodation costs if you were staying at the hotel during repairs, will be subject to a refund provided that your renter has given you prior approval.

Tip: In any case, contact the rental agency which will tell you what to do. Keep all repair bills and other possible costs for the renter to refund if necessary. Never subscribe your car and get in touch with the assistance person indicated by your renter.

 4) Accident of the rental vehicle
During the rental period, an accident can happen. In this case, complete the report well and send it to the agency. If the vehicle is immobilized, use the assistance services indicated in your rental agreement.

Tip: Although the law leaves you 5 days to inform the rental agency, we advise you to contact it as soon as possible! Complete the report carefully: the reimbursement of repair costs will be borne by the person responsible for the accident.

5) Theft of the car
You may also be faced with theft of your rental vehicle. Again, notify the agency as soon as possible. In any case, you have 48 hours.

 Note: In case of theft of keys, you may not be covered. The theft of keys is often excluded from the conditions of application of the flight insurance. Be attentive to your personal belongings!

 6) Contravention on a rental car
Be aware that the rental agency will send you any minutes corresponding to the vehicle and the period during which you have been in possession of the vehicle. It is possible that you receive a ticket after returning the rental car!

7) Stripe on the vehicle
Check the condition of the vehicle at the time of the inventory and make note on the contract the slightest scratch or scratch found. If a brand new, not mentioned on the contract, is visible at the time of the return, you will be considered as only responsible and should pay you a repair invoice.

Tip: Take time to photograph the vehicle during the inventory. In case of litigation and appeal to the local judge, you will have hard evidence to present.

How to proceed in case of dispute with a car rental company: amicable agreement or legal procedure?

To settle a dispute with a car rental company, two options are available to you, the amicable or the legal procedure. We advise you to always start with the first possibility. By being clear, detailing the situation and bringing a maximum of evidence (photos or invoices), there is a good chance that the dispute is settled under the best conditions.

Tip: Before going to court, ask a consumer association for advice.

You rented a car from a professional renter and you ran into difficulties? The car category did not match your request, you broke down or the vehicle failed, the rental company refuses to return all or part of the deposit? What are your recourse and how to file a claim.

2 cases: claim before or during the rental

A dispute at the moment of taking control of the vehicle:
If you notice that the car does not correspond to your request (category, model, etc) or that it presents degradations which are not mentioned on the inventory of fixtures, ask that these points be corrected even before taking possession of your vehicle or feel free to file a claim for compensation. A lessor is subject to legal obligations, he must:

  • to provide you with a vehicle in good working order
  • give you a rental contract in which appears the status sheet of the vehicle and the various observations such as scratches, malfunctions …

Note: the clauses stating that the tenant takes the vehicle “in good working order and bodywork” or in “perfect state of maintenance” are abusive, simply because you will not have time to check at the time of taking charge of the car.

Litigation during the rental of your vehicle: In case of breakdown or accident during the rental period:

Contact your rental company or the assistance company indicated in your contract immediately. They will give you directions. Attention, if you go to a garage yourself or use a convenience store not indicated by your rental, the costs could be your responsibility.

Carefully complete the report: the reimbursement of repair costs (within the limit of the deductible) will be borne by the person responsible for the accident.

Note: You have a legal period of 5 days to inform the rental agency in case of accident and a delay of 48 hours in case of theft.

Case of an immobilized vehicle: the renter will have to compensate you for expenses related to your immobilization such as the expenses of lodging for example: provided that the renter or his company of assistance has given you his preliminary agreement.

In case of damage or scratches on the vehicle

– If no third party is identified: you will be considered liable for damages. You will then be required to pay the repair costs up to the amount of the deductible.

Note: the agency must provide you with quotes for repairs. If you think that the bill is abusive, you have the possibility to call an expert.

How to file a claim with the car rental company

Car rental claim

Good To know: You will not be able to put in place a procedure of complaint to recover all or part of your deposit that after restitution of the vehicle near the company of hiring.

The claim form

Gather all the documents you will need: your rental contract, the statement in the event of an accident, your bank statements in the event of a charge to you. Then ask for a claim form from the rental company.

Repayment periods

The protest procedure is then started. Depending on its outcome, the rental company will reimburse you within a period of up to 8 weeks.

If the classic claim procedure does not succeed.

You can then set up:

the amicable conciliation of the dispute: you will address to your renter an express request by mail of refund of the deposit.
Amicable and judicial procedures: if this first step is not successful, you can then send a letter of formal notice by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to settle the dispute amicably.