Did you know that with your credit card, you can benefit from certain insurance services for a car rental? This can be very interesting if you need to rent a car. But it is still necessary to know exactly what these insurance cover and which bank cards offer the best services …

2 types of bank cards: “classic” and “prestige”?

First point to know: bank cards called “classic” at Visa, Mastercard or American Express offer few benefits. On the other hand, if you have a “Prestige”, Premier, Gold or Platinum card, which is becoming more and more common, your contract includes insurance for renting a vehicle. Then, the more the model of your card is upscale, the better you are covered!

Which car rental insurance according to your credit card?

The major advantage of the insurance included with your credit card is the purchase of a franchise. But to be fully informed, we advise you to read carefully your contract and not hesitate to consult the website of your credit card to learn more. In the meantime, here’s what you need to know:

With Visa Premier and Platinum, Mastercard Gold and Platinum, car rental insurance includes:
damage up to the limit of the deductible or repairs up to 50,000 euros and for a maximum duration of 31 days rental.
Note: some high-end vehicles are excluded from these insurances. The name (s) of the drivers must be specified on the rental agreement. The insurance is effective within the limit of 2 claims per calendar year.

For the Mastercard Gold Card: obligation to book and pay for the rental of the car with the card.
The plus of the MasterCard Platinum card: the amount of damage covered, up to the limit of the deductible or repairs, amount to 100,000 euros.

  • With American Express Gold and Platinum cards, car rental insurance includes:
    damage up to the limit of the deductible or repairs up to 75,000 euros from the moment you are more than 100 kilometers from your home.
  • up to 3 claims per 365-day period.
  • Plus American Express Platinum Card: All damage to the vehicle is covered up to the limit of its price and for a rental period not exceeding 120 consecutive days.

Other benefits of bank cards

Beyond these assets related to car rental, you must also know that

  • the insurance included with your credit card will benefit all your family
  • they will save you from paying a cancellation insurance if you go on a trip for example.

Their cost? It varies depending on your bank, your situation, but in general, count 150 euros per year for any prestige bank card. An amount that you do not hesitate to negotiate down with your advisor and can quickly pay for all services offered!

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