Before driving on your rental car, check its general condition. Do you plan to go on a weekend break for a few days or weeks? You will travel many kilometers with a car that is not yours and it will make in perfect condition. For all these reasons, but also to avoid any dispute at the time of return of the vehicle, take the time to check these 7 points of inventory before leaving!

7 things to check on a rental car:

1) Checking the condition of the tires is essential. Remember to check that they are not damaged or underinflated. Make sure there is a spare wheel or a repair kit.

2) Windshields, side windows and rear window should also be observed with care. Make sure they have no splinters or cracks. Otherwise, report it on the vehicle status card.

3) Observe the general exterior condition of the vehicle, concentrating on any scratches, bumps or cracks in the bodywork.

4) Once installed inside the vehicle, check the mileage and fuel gauge. Indeed, it must indicate that the full was done, if it is not the case, ask the lessor to stipulate it in the contract! Same for kilometric data. They must correspond to those noted in the contract.

5) Also take the time to make all the installation adjustments: adjust all mirrors and seat to your height.

6) The mandatory equipment must be included in the rental and present in the vehicle. Check that the spare wheel, the safety vest and the warning triangle are there.

7) And of course, check the general state of cleanliness inside the car and tell the renter any stains on the chairs that you could observe.

How to keep s proof of the condition of your rental car?

Our advice: do not hesitate to take photos or short videos with your mobile by touring the vehicle at the time of the inventory of departure.

Once the inventory is done, all you have to do is take the road and make a good trip!

For more information on car handling and usage checks, do not hesitate to contact your car rental agency.

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