International travel requires much more planning than domestic travel when it comes to certain travel decisions. Renting a car is one of those decisions. Many destinations have great public transport and will fit your needs. However, public transport in Mauritius¬† doesn’t go everywhere or allow you to have the control over your itinerary as easily. But renting a car in Mauritius may mean high gas prices and driving on the left side of the road rather than the right.

When you rent a car in your country, the process will be much more simpler and not too much planning is required. Renting a car in Mauritius is different, not only because of language barriers, but the need to be aware of the completely different rules of the road. This is especially true if you are visiting a place you have never been before.

Look at your itinerary carefully, weigh the pros and cons, and then read some of the tips below if you plan on getting a rental car.

Research and Plan Ahead

1. The time to decide whether you’ll need a car on your trip abroad is before you go, not after you get there. You can make arrangements for a car through a travel agent or you can work directly with car rental companies that operate worldwide. Be sure to book beforehand the fee is set and can’t rise because of exchange rate changes.

2. If you’re planning to drive extra miles, a rental company will charge you extra for the privilege. The additional charges can vary greatly so shop around for the best rental car rate for this.

Prepare for International Driving

3. Get an international driver’s license. There is a fee involved, as well as an expiration date. Be sure to bring along any paperwork such as your insurance information.

4. Know your car insurance options. Look at your insurance policy, and find out if it covers an international car rental. Knowing this ahead of time, decide whether to accept or decline the coverage the car rental company offers you. Even if you have your own car insurance, consider accepting the additional insurance if it offers additional coverage as you may be driving on the other side of the road, with unfamiliar traffic laws, and around other drivers that drive “differently” than you’re used to.

5. Many cars in other countries come standard, which means a manual transmission with a stick shift and no air conditioning. If you want an automatic transmission, air conditioning, or any other luxuries, you will be charged extra. Take into account the number and size of your suitcases and determine the size of the car you need based on trunk space. Make sure you’re specific as to what you want so there are no mistakes when you show up at your destination to pick up your car.

If you choose to get a car rental for your international vacation, make some arrangements ahead of time, and reserve one in advance of your trip. Determine where you will be driving and what extras you want. Finally, get an international driver’s license and make sure you’re fully covered.

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