Our Values

Indian-Ocean Car Rental Network has put the customer at the heart of its strategy. The proximity of its brand to its customers allows us to ensure a quality service.

At Indian Ocean Car Rental, it is vital as it has helped us survived competition. We are innovators at heart. Innovation is indispensable because the car rental climate in Mauritius is evolving and always calls for more performance. To constantly push our limits and open up new ways to a provide truly different service and always keep one step ahead.

Driven by Excellence

A value that permeates all professions, in all countries and which translates into a way of being and a permanent search for perfection. We all share this determination to go beyond our best to offer our customers the best. That why the best brands of car rental in Mauritius chose the Indian-Ocean Car Rental Partner Network.

Client Satisfaction

We offer the same quality service to our every customer and attend to each and every of their needs. We believe that the customer is king and that each and every car should be adapted for the client’s need. Since travelling is quite a tiresome business, we chose the most comfortable cars for the greater satisfaction of our customers. A comfortable car means a happy customer.

Value for Money

At Indian-Ocean Car Rental, We know that everybody’s budget is not the same. That’s why our partners’ wide fleet spectrum will accommodate each and every of your needs.


Our principles are Integrity, Respect, and Transparency.

Our Ethical Principles shape our culture, build our reputation and must be known and recognized by all of our Collaborators.

  • Integrity because acting with integrity is vital to build and maintain trust and good relationships.
  • Respect because our business is firstly about developing a bond with our clients.
  • Transparency because we must always speak the truth, be sincere and be able to justify our actions and our decisions.